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Please call us ... we are here for you!

Please call us ... we are here for you!


We welcome new patients for consultations with our surgeons for surgical evaluation and treatment. You may contact us directly or through your cardiologist or referring physician. Please forward to us copies of your medical records from other physicians before your first appointment, which will be set for the earliest time and date possible. If you reside outside the Houston metropolitan area, you may want to send medical records and films in advance for a preliminary recommendation. Please plan to arrive approximately 45 minutes early for your initial appointment to complete a medical history form and outpatient registration. This information helps us provide you with the best care and service possible. On your first appointment, please bring your medical records, a list of all medicines you are presently taking and your health insurance card(s).


Patients and their familes are treated with utmost care and respect by our staff.Requests for appointments can usually be accommodated within 1 to 2 weeks, or sooner if the condition is urgent. We recognize the importance of your time and will make every effort to meet your scheduled appointment. We ask your understanding when medical emergencies may occasionally cause us to delay or reschedule your appointment.


If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please notify us in advance. We will assist you in rescheduling.


Surgical Associates of Texas, P.A. office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our telephone number is (832) 355-4900. We are available to take calls directly at this number during normal business hours, however our telephone is answered 24 hours a day for your convenience.


There is always a physician on call when our office is closed. However, we request that you make your calls for appointments or other routine business during normal business hours. If you call after business hours, our answering service is available to help you. You may leave a message for a specific surgeon, or if the matter is urgent, the surgeon on call can return your message promptly.

In case of an emergency, call 911 to dispatch an ambulance.  It is suggested that you advise the ambulance driver to take you to St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital Emergency Room. Once you are admitted to the emergency room, staff can notify the physician on call.

Surgical Associates of Texas, P.A. office is closed on the following holidays:

  • January 1 - New Years Day
  • Last Monday in May - Memorial Day
  • July 4 - Independence Day
  • First Monday in September - Labor Day
  • Last Thursday in November - Thanksgiving
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • December 25 - Christmas Day


We are Medicare participating physicians and accept assignment for services provided to Medicare patients. Our business office representatives are available to assist you with any questions you may have. Our business office telephone number is 832-355-4900. We strongly encourage you to bring any special needs to our attention. We're here to help you!

We are Medicare participating physicians and accept assignment for services provided to Medicare patients. As a courtesy, we routinely file primary insurance claims for all patients. Should you provide supplemental insurance information to our office, we will also file those claims on your behalf. The deductible and insurance co-payments are the patient's responsibility and their payment is expected upon receipt of a statement from our office.

Should your insurance carrier withhold payment or partial payment of your claim for any reason, we will be glad to assist you in obtaining an explanation from them. However, we cannot guarantee payment of your claim. Also, we cannot be responsible for negotiating fees or claims with insurance companies or any other entity. Patients are responsible for payment of medical care within a reasonable time, regardless of the status of the claim.

If circumstances warrant an extended payment plan, our business office representative is available to assist you with such arrangements. Please contact the office prior to your appointment.

You will receive a monthly itemized statement showing all charges up to and including the current month. These statements will cover all services provided both in our office, and at the hospital. All patients with a current balance will continue to receive monthly statements until the account is cleared.

Please note: claims filed to Medicare do not appear on your statement until Medicare has paid their portion of your charge(s). Any balance remaining after Medicare has paid will be the responsibility of the patient or supplemental insurance company, if applicable.

A reminder: Please remember to bring your insurance card(s) with you for each visit to our office. Please notify us if your address, telephone number or insurance carrier changes at any time.


Surgical Associates of Texas, P.A. is a member of Cardiovascular Care Providers (CVCP), a physician owned and operated corporation, whose purpose is contracting with insurance companies and other payors on behalf of its physician members. Dr. Denton A. Cooley, is one of the original board members and founders of CVCP.

Surgical Associates accepts most major insurance plans. Please check with our office.

Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, and PPOs

Surgical Associates of Texas, P.A. accepts Medicare and Medicaid patients, as well as those individuals with private insurance whose free choice of physicians is permitted. We also participate in many HMO and PPO Plans. Please contact our office to verify our participation in your plan.


Please contact the business office prior to your visit, in order that we may discuss special arrangements regarding your account.

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